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Our games

Robin Hood VR: Battle of Nottingham

Robin Hood VR: Battle of Nottingham is in some ways a typical multiplayer PVP shooter, but differs from the competition in several important aspects:

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Alien Arena

Alien Arena is the studios very first game. The gameplay is based on the 1973 classic Pong from Atari but played in three dimensions and set on an alien planet…

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Our Company

Games for those that aren't 'Gamers'

When most game developers focus on complex games with deep storylines we go the other way and offer first time players a great experience with easy and entertaining games!

Our main market is VR Arcades, but our games will also be available for individuals to purchase through Steam and in some instances in the Oculus Store. 

Commercial Licensing

We hope to soon offer our games through SpringboardVR and SynthesisVR. In the meantime you can contact us for monthly licenses.


At Saiga VR we are always interested in new collaborations. Contact us with your idea, and maybe we can create magic together!

Marketing Materials

We consider it our obligation to not just offer a game, but to also provide you with good marketing materials. Good marketing benefits us all.

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