About us

The Small Developer With The Great Games

Easily learned - Difficult to master

Our games are easy-to-understand, immediately fun games for all ages and all competence levels to enjoy. Perfect for arcade visitors.





Best Value in Entertainment

We believe in not over-charging for our games. We know the struggle of the arcade owners – we are arcade owners ourself.


Available on Multiple Platforms

A big part of going to a VR arcade for first-timers is to experience the new technology itself. We believe the best way to show the capabilities of VR is to set the games in unique environments not attainable in real life, such as alien planets and medieval villages.


Multiplayer is key

Our games can always be played by at least 4 people. This ensures your visitors get experiences they cannot get at home by simply buying a headset.


Made for arcades

Simple menu systems built with arcades in mind ensure that your visitors will be up and playing in no time.

Meet the team

Eric Isaksson - Game Ideas, Design, Marketing, B2B-Solutions.
Anton Skarborn - Testing and feedback.
Technical Development is outsourced to vrdevelopment.eu.
We are based in Stockholm, Sweden.
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